Adorable Cocker Spaniel Has “Disney Eyes”

Ever heard the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul?”
I’d like to build on that and say the eyes might just be the
doorway to viral fame. At least that happens to be the case of the
cutest little English Cocker Spaniel Puppy
named Winnie.

Winnie was blessed with a pair of absolutely gorgeous, big hazel
eyes. She’s so beautiful she almost looks drawn!


Yep, this pup is definitely a work of art. You gotta admit, her
makeup-free lashes are to die for! Her cute little whiskers are
icing on the cake too.

She’s so cute I can’t handle it! Winnie even pulls cute off
while being “vicious” (she’s currently teething, according to


Many have even compared Winnie’s look to a Disney princess.
You see it, right? Winnie could easily pass for Rapunzel from
‘Tangled.’ Though it would probably be more appropriate to
compare her to Lady from ‘Lady
And The Tramp
,’ who is after all, a Cocker Spaniel.

“When you start singing while doing housework, your dog
magically rounds up woodland animals to help out.”
– chester_abellera via Reddit

“Whatcha got there is a human that has been Bewitched into the
looking like the cutest dog. Find the witch that did this and
congratulate them. That’s some fine witchcraft.” – Kamon0253
via Reddit


Luckily, Winnie’s people Ellée and Tom seem to have a real
talent for photographing her from above. They’ve also been
documenting her adventures since before she was born. Her first
ever Instagram photo is an ultrasound.


Somehow, these lucky parents knew their baby was destined for
stardom, even before her big beautiful eyes opened! They were so

“how did they know she was going to be so perfect? She had an
Instagram in the womb” -@stacey.herrington via Instagram

Winnie’s TikTok account boasts over 183,500 followers and her
Instagram account has 383,000. A
reddit post
of her received over  74,000 up votes. Considering
she was only born in October of last year, those numbers climbed
pretty fast!

Naturally you’ll want to see as many photos of this pup as
possible, and you can do so by following her account on
Instagram. You can also watch more of her videos on TikTok.
Trust me, you’ll want to do that.

If you think your pooch’s eyes can rival Winnie’s stunners,
let us know in the comments (so we can follow them too!)

Bored Panda

Featured Image: @winnie_thecocker/Instagram

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Adorable Cocker Spaniel Has “Disney Eyes”