Calling All Dog Parents: Science Needs Your Help

Does your officemate now have four paws, a sniffy nose and a
waggy tail? Instead of chatting by the coffee machine at work, are
you playing tug, giving belly rubs, and going on walkies between
Zoom calls? If so, the Humane Rescue Alliance
could use your help.

The pandemic has caused major changes to people’s lives across
the globe. We do not know for sure how this stressful time might be
impacting the welfare of pet dogs or what carryover effects it
might have when dogs suddenly find themselves home alone down the
road, but the Humane Rescue Alliance has embarked (pardon the pun)
on a study to find out. While we obviously hope we will not
experience anything similar again, this does give us a unique
opportunity to examine the effects of major changes to routine on
our canine companions.

Source: FS – Dogs – TBM
Calling All Dog Parents: Science Needs Your Help