Crufts – the musical! Cat fan writes tribute to top dog show

A Dog’s Tale, written by cat-loving playwright Poppy Hollman, tells the story of a British institution and has a canine/feline rap battle

Tom Hooper’s extravagant blockbuster may have given cats all the attention but a lovably scruffy new stage musical puts their canine rivals in the spotlight. A Dog’s Tale, written by Poppy Hollman, is a story of terrors and terriers, charting the frayed nerves and fierce competition at Crufts. Hollman’s play, which will tour the UK, explores the famous dog spectacular’s origins in the Victorian era, with the ambitious Charles Cruft – who masterminded the first event in 1891 – emerging as a PT Barnum figure. It is not so much the Greatest Showman, perhaps, as the Best-in-Showman.

Hollman says her “guilty secret” about the comedy, which is her first professional commission, is that she shares her family home not with dogs but cats. (Two ginger toms, one fussy and one greedy, who tend to sleep on her laptop.) But she adds that Cruft himself “always dodged the question about what dog breed he had. After he died, his wife said, ‘We had cats!’”

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Source: theguardian
Crufts – the musical! Cat fan writes tribute to top dog show