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Your article (EasyJet hacking attack: are you affected and what should you do?, 19 May) on dealing with a suspicious phone call about fraudulent transactions suggests: “End the call and then phone the bank or card company back to check it was legitimate.” What is missing is the fact that fraudsters can “spoof” the dial tone, hold on to the line and pretend to be the bank. The correct procedure is firstly to phone a friend, who the fraudsters cannot imitate, to check the line is actually clear.
Geoff Thomas
Merthyr Tudful

• Only the Guardian and one other paper put Johnson’s U-turn on the front page (Johnson forced to drop NHS surcharge for migrant health workers, 21 May). All those owned by Tory-funding billionaires published distraction. They couldn’t have avoided that this happened not from a change of heart but for political expediency.
Tony Vinicombe
Shoreham, West Sussex

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Source: The Guardian
Fraud, fine food and old tights | Brief letters