Golden Retriever Helps Dalmatian Brother Conquer His Fear Of Swimming

As if we needed another reason to be completely obsessed with
dogs, Beija the Golden Retriever is here to give it to us. The
helpful pooch recently lent her friend a helping paw. Beija and
four of her best pals were caught standing outside of a pool when
one of the pack was having second thoughts about taking a dip.

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Peanut the Dalmatian can be seen hesitating to take the leap
into the water. He made a few attempts but just couldn’t seem to
build up the courage. Beija took matters into her own paws! She
dove into the pool and swam over to a raft. Then she quickly
paddled over to her spotted friend on the sidelines with the raft
in tow.

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The Help Of A Best Friend Gave Peanut The Courage He

This was just the encouragement Peanut needed. Sweet Peanut took
a giant leap right onto the raft without a second thought.
Beija’s work was done so she nonchalantly paddled herself back
over to the edge. She climbed out, shook off some water and then
turned around to give the camera big, proud grin!

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Dogs Are Always Ready To Lend A Paw

Turns out doggos enjoy helping one another. Like the time big
brother Rufus helped his
little brother learn how to sit. Rufus’ mom was trying to teach
young Jet how to sit for a treat. Jet just wasn’t quite getting
the hang of it so Rufus stepped in. Rufus put his paw on Jet’s
behind and forced him down to a sitting position. He even let Jet
keep his own hard-earned treats. Now that’s a good boy!

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Then there was a Golden Retriever puppy who was
afraid to go down the stairs. Little Daisy whimpered as her mom
encouraged her to try coming down. Daisy’s big brother, Simon,
couldn’t help but step in. He made trips up and down the steps to
show the tiny puppers how it was done. Eventually, Daisy made it
down and Simon met her at the bottom with kisses galore!

And last but not least, there was four-month-old puppy Maverick. He
quickly became his big brother’s seeing-eye-puppy. Maverick and
Charlie are both Golden Retrievers- we’re seeing a pattern here!
Sweet little Maverick started accompanying aging Charlie on walks
and eventually took the reigns, happily helping Charlie with walks
and playtime.

A dog’s intuition is truly amazing! We knew they were man’s
best friend but it seems like they’re each other’s best friends

You can watch the full video of Beija helping Peanut here.

h/t: @MaxRuehl/YouTube

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Golden Retriever Helps Dalmatian Brother Conquer His Fear Of Swimming