Meet The 10 Winners Of Our “Caught In The Act” Video Contest

Thank you to everyone who entered our “Caught In The
Act” video contest
earlier this month…

I asked you to send me videos of your dogs “caught” doing
something that drives you crazy, whether it’s just an annoying
habit or an outright destructive behavior.

And wow, did you all deliver!

I received over 150 video submissions, so it was challenging to
pick the “best of the best,” but I finally narrowed it

And good news:

Even if you didn’t win 1 of the 10 prizes,
this coming Monday, I have another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, I’ll be
releasing 500 copies of my brand-new dog training program…

Cheekily called “Leave It The F@#% Alone”…

… Perfect for anyone who is FRUSTRATED and FED UP with their

Before you throw in the towel, I think you’ll want to check
this out…

Of course, enough about that…

It’s time for the BIG REVEAL, here are our winners:

Grand prize winners all receive a $250 gift card to

And our 7 runners up receive a free copy of “Leave It The F@#%
Alone” when it’s released on Monday!

Grand Prize Winner #1:  Maureen Maxand
Dogs Destroyed The House While Owner Away


Grand Prize Winner #2: Lisa Horn
Dog Chaos When Guests Arrive At The Door


Grand Prize Winner #3:  Laura Penland
Dog Refuses To Stop Licking His Privates


Runner Up #1:  Linda Brandon
Dogs Digging Up The Backyard


Runner Up #2:  Lenore McLaughlin
Dog Won’t Stop Barking At The Television

Runner Up #3:  Terri Jackson
Dogs Won’t Stop Barking At The Door

Runner Up #4:  Teana Braun
Counter Surfing Food Thief

Runner Up #5:  Ross Rhoades
Dog Attacking Vacuum Power Cord

Runner Up #6: Paul Faris
Dog Won’t Stop Licking People!

Runner Up #7: Jennifer Bozz
Dog Plays Tug-O-War With Leash

Thank you again to everyone who entered our “Caught In The
Act” Video Contest!

Remember, if you have a dog who is FRUSTRATING you with bad
habits, you’ll want to pay close attention to your inbox Monday

I have a solution that I think you’ll be interested to hear





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Meet The 10 Winners Of Our “Caught In The Act” Video
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Meet The 10 Winners Of Our “Caught In The Act” Video Contest