Meghan Markle Helps Raise $12,000 For Dog Rescue

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is often seen wearing
beautiful outfits. So many people look up to her, wanting to dress
just like her. Therefore, Markle and jewelry designer Sophie Lis
decided to use that information to make a difference for dogs in

During Markle’s trip to London, she was seen wearing a
beautiful pendant designed by Lis. Since then, it has been put up
for sale, and it quickly sold out not long after. The best part was
that a portion of the proceeds went to a dog rescue charity, and
the total donations ended up being $12,000!

Markle’s Famous Necklace

The necklace is a flat, circular pendant with diamonds and
rubies. After Markle wore it, Lis began selling these necklaces for
£280 ($300) each. She announced that 10% of the proceeds would be
donated to Wild Heart
, a charity that funds and supports dog rescues all
over the world.

Image: @wild_at_heart_foundation/Instagram

On the pendant, there is an excerpt from the poem “The Eternal
Song” by Rosemonde Gerard. It reads: “For, you see, each day I
love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow”.
While those words might be significant for a person, we all know
that’s how we feel about our rescue dogs too.

Fans were already in love with the necklace, but the fact that
it supported a good cause was even better. So, sales began coming
in like crazy. The total amount donated so far is about £10,000
($12,000). Now, the necklace is currently sold out, but can still
be pre-ordered.

Image: @sussexroyal/InstagramRoyal
Rescue Dogs

In fact, rescue dogs actually hold a special place in Markle’s
heart. The duchess currently has two rescue dogs named Guy and
Bogart. They don’t come into the spotlight often, but she loves
them both very much.

Ellen Degeneres actually inspired Markle to adopt Bogart. The
two ran into each other at a shelter in Los Angeles. Degeneres saw
the way Markle was looking at Bogart, and she told her that she had
to adopt him. Even though Markle was still deciding, Degeneres’
words stuck with her, so she knew she had to rescue the dog.

Markle has been a huge dog lover her whole life, so she’s
happy she could help with these incredible donations. She knows
from experience that rescuing a dog is an amazing experience.

Image: @sussexroyal/Instagram

“When the Duchess of Sussex was spotted wearing the pendant,
it struck a chord with fans the world over,” said Wild at Heart
Foundation. “Not only are we delighted to see Sophie’s stunning
creation get the publicity it deserves, this royal seal of approval
led to a rush of sales.”

Wild at Heart Foundation, Lis, and Markle are all extremely
grateful for everyone that purchased the necklace. Not only will
they have a beautiful piece of jewelry, but they also helped dogs
in need, and that’s the most important part of all.


Featured Image: @wild_at_heart_foundation/Instagram
and @sussexroyal/Instagram

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