No Leaf Left Unturned: Watch Stella Dive Into Leaf Piles

Fall is a magical time of year. To we humans, fall might mean
picnics, scarves, and pumpkin spice lattes, but for Stella the
Labrador Retriever, it’s all about the leaves.

Stella is a bouncy, joyful girl who lives with her family in
Maine, where the Autumn really stands out. Like most girls, she
loves when the air turns cool because she knows that it’s
bringing with it her favorite thing about the Fall – leaves. When
the trees turn red, yellow, and orange, it’s Stella’s time to
shine! No leaf is safe when this goofy girl is around! When her
family gathers loose leaves into a pile, they know it’s not going
to last long.


Our friends at shared
this hilarious video
of Stella celebrating her favorite season!
She has turned leaf-pile diving into an art form!

Stella has an incredible technique. There’s no hesitation. Not
a hint of doubt. In slow-motion or even wearing a butterfly
costume, she finds her way to the middle of the pile. Stella sails
through the air and dives right into the heart of the leaves with
all the grace of a diving swan.

By the way, did you notice that she’s in a MONARCH butterfly
costume? It’s because she’s the queen of the leaves!

If this were an Olympic sport, Stella would for sure get the
gold in Leaf Diving. She’s a natural! I grant you extra points,
Stella, for the excellent tail wagging after the landing. You look
like a leaf pile with a fluffy golden tail. Bravo!

Someone get Andrew Cotter to do commentary on this one – I
think we need it!

Leaves aren’t the only thing Stella has a talent for diving
into. Stella is a year-round athlete. In the warmer months, she’s
happy diving after tennis balls into the water near her home.

And in the winter, snowmen shake in their top hats when they see
Stella approaching. The “frosty assassin”, as she’s been
called, loves to
mow down snowmen
wherever she sees them. Her aim is deadly and
she tackles snowpeople into a pile of snowflakes in seconds!


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No Leaf Left Unturned: Watch Stella Dive Into Leaf Piles

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No Leaf Left Unturned: Watch Stella Dive Into Leaf