Not such a mystery for dog owners? | Brief letters

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You describe Rishi Sunak’s mask as handsome and worthy of a likely GQ Man of the Year nomination (Face mask fashion: politicians step out in statement masks, 17 July), but he’s wearing one with a valve, the purpose of which is to protect the wearer, not those around him. Exactly right for a member of this corrupt Tory government, but not to be admired.
Julie Kemmy
Framingham Earl, Norfolk

• “Domocracy” (Letters, 17 July) was coined by Roger Winterbottom, the very funny and sharp political satirist who writes in the Yorkshire Times. Among other terms he has invented is one to describe Johnson and his cronies – a “liararchy”.
Kaye McGann
Standlake, Oxfordshire

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Source: theguardian
Not such a mystery for dog owners? | Brief letters