Redbarn Pet Products: Premium Treats, Food and Chews For Your Furry Friend

February 26, 2019
Redbarn founders

We love our pets, so why wouldn’t we want to feed them the
highest quality products we can? Redbarn Pet Products crafts
premium treats, chews and food for the four-legged friend in your
life. They place an emphasis on using premium ingredients that
everyone will recognize (think blueberries, flaxseed oil, chicken,
and quinoa), allowing pet owners to feel confident about what they
are feeding their pet. We sat down with a few members of the
Redbarn Pet Products team to discuss more about the company and
what sets them apart from their competitors.



What kind of goods/services does your organization offer to
pets/pet owners?


Redbarn Pet Products is a manufacturer of premium treats, chews,
and food for dogs and cats. With over 200 products, Redbarn has a
tasty option suitable for every pet at all life stages. We are on a
mission to make products that don’t just speak to consumer’s
desires and trends, but help support the health and wellness of
their pets. Our ultimate goal is to help pet parents make educated
and nutritious decisions on behalf of their cats and dogs.


What makes your organization unique? How do you stand out in
comparison to similar organizations?


Family Owned Business Since 1996:


Our co-founders, Jeff Baikie and Howie Bloxam, met on a hockey
rink when they were 12-years-old. Fast forward to adulthood, and
the two best friends partnered up to create Redbarn Pet Products
after realizing the need for genuinely natural dog food. Natural is
not just a trend at Redbarn, it’s a philosophy baked into the
company’s founding.


Redbarn Owns 2 Manufacturing Facilities:


Redbarn is one of a few U.S. based treat companies to own their
own manufacturing facilities. This allows Redbarn full control
throughout the entire manufacturing process— sourcing
ingredients, quality assurance, safety protocols, etc.

Redbarn factory

  • The first facility is located in Great Bend, KS.
  • The second facility is located in Paraguay and is where all of
    our bully products are sourced and made. Owning and operating a
    South American plant allows us to (1) safely source the best
    grass-fed bully sticks at an affordable price for pet parents; the
    U.S. is not a leader in grass-fed bully, but South America is and
    (2) because we own the facility, we operate it following U.S.
  • Industry-leading Quality Assurance Standards: Redbarn
    performs physical, chemical, and microbiological tests on all our
    products daily, racking up more than 2,5000 tests per month. All
    products that come in our facilities, like raw product, are tested
    for quality and safety before being used in our facilities. Every
    single batch of final product is also inspected and tested before
    leaving our facilities. Finally, Redbarn utilizes an outside ISO
    accredited lab to ensure the accuracy of our own tests.


Redbarn workers

What makes this organization a good choice for pet owners?
What benefits do they gain by engaging with your


Our quality assurance standards truly set us apart from many of
our competitors. When a pet parent buys Redbarn, they should know
they are buying a product that was thoughtfully and safely
manufactured from step one to done. As one of the only treat
companies to own their own manufacturing facilities, we can ensure
quality and safety every step of the way, from sourcing ingredients
to the cleanliness of our facilities and testing for bacteria, for
example, before sending our products out for consumption. And, of
course, for people who like to support family-owned businesses,
that’s something very important to our company as well!



What are the core values of your organization? How do they
influence your business practices (production quality, charitable
giving, etc.)? 


Redbarn’s core values are: family, history, integrity, and




“We’re still a family-owned company and we’ve chosen to
stay that way” – Howie Bloxam. What began as two friends
cooking in a kitchen has flourished into what our founders call,
one big family. Howie and Jeff don’t simply make business
decisions based on bottom line numbers, but what’s best for our
pets, pet parents, and team members.





For over 22 years now, Redbarn’s mission has remained the
same: manufacture nutritious, palatable, and safe food with
integrity. Jeff and Howie continually invest both time and money
into quality assurance programs, hiring skilled team members, and
utilizing improved processing and testing protocols so Redbarn can
continue to be a leading treat manufacturer.





Integrity is a core value at Redbarn. Our team members choose to
be honest, to have strong moral principles, and to exceed ethical
standards every day. We recognize our daily decisions directly
impact the health and wellness of pets. And because pets are part
of our families too, there’s a personal stake in every decision
we make. As our Quality Assurance Manager, Jennifer Hood, said
best, “Pets can’t speak for themselves, we have a duty to speak
for them.” If our own pets won’t eat the treat, we go back to
the drawing board. If our QA team says a product isn’t safe
enough, we continue to invest time and money into the product or we
won’t sell it. But at the end of the day, we trust our Redbarn
team members to make the right decisions for their pets, for our
pets, and for all pets.





Quality and safety are our top priorities throughout the entire
manufacturing process. We require a Certificate of Analysis from
all of our vendors verifying the correct grade and purity of
material with every shipment. Our quality assurance team checks
everything that comes in and out of doors in our two
state-of-the-art lab facilities, totaling up to at least 2,500
tests per month. We also utilize an outside ISO accredited lab to
verify our results, and in short, ensure we’re doing what we say
we’re doing. We like to say we are in a committed relationship
with quality assurance! With internal and external monitoring and
auditing and industry leading safety protocols in place, we hope
pet parents feel confident in treating their dogs and cats to



What’s the best way for pet owners to find out more about
your organization?


To find out more about Redbarn, visit our website at If you have specific
questions, our Customer Service Specialists are also available by
phone Monday though Friday.



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Redbarn Pet Products: Premium Treats, Food and Chews For Your Furry Friend