Stop Your Dog’s Door Dashing Once and For All

Awwww, dog door dashing, it has become a bit of an epidemic!

Think About It

Your dog wants to go outside and he wants the fasted way from
point A (boring house) to point B (exciting outdoors).

And if we don’t teach him any better, we end up with dogs that
look like this

door 1

Egads!  Get out of the way!!

The Problem?

Impulse Control

Your dog wants something; so he attempts to bully his way
through doors, down stairs, or to his dinner.

The truth is that we all need impulse control!

I can’t dart out any door that is open and I want to go
through, either.

I can just see it at work, it is nice outside and I see a client
coming, so I wait till she opens the door rush through and knock
her on her tush.

My parents and life, taught me that I can’t have everything
that I want.

I can’t steal food off people’s plates, I can’t sip their
drinks, I can’t run outside and frolic at the park whenever I
want and I can’t steal all the things I would like to have.

I have learned impulse control.

Dog door darting is a lack of impulse control!

door 2

Say “Wait”

door 3

If your dog does not know the “wait” command, click here for
more help

door 4

Begin to open the door (it is probably best if you work one dog
at a time at this point because it is less distracting).

door 5

If he charges or goes toward the door

door 6

Close the door (again easier one dog at a time).

door 7

You can also use your knee to block him from going out should he
make a mistake.

door 8

Use a release word, preferably not commonly used often in your
vocabulary, and let the dog go outside.

Continue to play this game out to the yard.

Play it also when the dog wants to come inside.

Play this game at the front door or the garage door.

And, play this game in the car!

Your dog’s door darting will soon be a thing of the past!

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Your Dog’s Door Dashing Once and For All
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Stop Your Dog’s Door Dashing Once and For All