'Swarming' sit-down protests disrupt London traffic

Extinction Rebellion continues climate change protest by blockading London bridges

Climate activists have caused serious disruption to rush-hour traffic in London with a series of “swarming” road blocks at several different locations around the capital.

From 8am groups of protesters coordinated by the group Extinction Rebellion walked on to roads in Westminster, Tower Bridge, Elephant and Castle, and Earl’s Court, blocking traffic for several minutes at a time in a plan to bring gridlock to the city.

Jim Davidson was stuck at the front – got out of his car shouted at the Police “Why aren’t you moving them?” – when a protestor tried to talk to him he said he didn’t talk to lefties. One gag: “Climate change ? Don’t they like being warmer!!” . pic.twitter.com/tOyNikdcvG

With the #extinctionrebellion #Swarming protest in Elephant and Castle now, where numbers have been bolstered by students from South Bank Uni pic.twitter.com/Y0ZlmJJhb9

“I don’t know if it’s the best way to do protest, but at the end of the day it has an effect.”

Ekene, left, and Renee, right, students at London College of Communication, say they will attend #ExtinctionRebellion‘s next big protest on Saturday after #Swarming in Elephant pic.twitter.com/iQCB7MhvjZ

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Source: The Guardian
'Swarming' sit-down protests disrupt London traffic