Techy desk lamps that reduce eye strain and charge your devices

Much-needed bright spots.
Much-needed bright spots. ( Matt Wojtaś via Unsplash/)

Long hours working at a desk can cause both mental and physical stress. With the right lighting, you won’t have to strain your eyes, and your endurance will improve significantly. Modern desk lamps are designed to optimize vision, save desk space, and even charge devices. They are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, giving a potentially dull workspace a sleek and stylish look. Increase focus and fend off fatigue when studying for an exam or working on a deadline. Avoid leaving your seat to charge your phone or tablet. Here are some of our favorites available today.

Doubles as surge protector.
Doubles as surge protector. (Amazon/)

This lamp has 2 AC outlets and 3 USB ports, so it takes up extra surface space but allows you to power your computer and more on your desk itself. That said, it’s still small and slick-looking. Adjust brightness by sliding your finger along a touch sensor panel. It has three brightness levels and three color warmth options, all of which are easy on the eyes. The Cozoo is completely fold-able, making it portable for bringing to the library or between home and office.

Minimal but powerful.
Minimal but powerful. (Amazon/)

This flicker-free LED lamp has seven levels of brightness and five color options for optimal eye comfort. It’s thin and takes up little space on a desk but can tilt and swivel to shine light at a distance or odd angle. It has a USB port in its base for charging devices.

Great for a dorm.
Great for a dorm. (Amazon/)

This is a wonderfully simple LED lamp with three levels of brightness, a USB port in its base, and a touch sensor power switch. The neck bends to achieve whatever angle you need. The TW is energy efficient and takes up very little surface space.

Your phone battery’s best friend.
Your phone battery’s best friend. (Amazon/)

This desk lamp boasts both a USB port and a wireless charging pad for any devices capable of wireless charge. The head rotates 120 degrees and the body rotates 90 degrees. It has three color options: cool white, mixed white, and warm yellow. You can adjust the brightness of these colors with a touch sensor button.

Source: popsci
Techy desk lamps that reduce eye strain and charge your devices