The Queen’s Corgi review – palace pooch in the doghouse

Jack Whitehall voices a disgraced doggie who ends up joining a canine fight club in this mirthless animated caper

These are indeed the misadventures of one of Her Majesty’s pluckier canine companions. Much of the action thus takes place in and around a functionally rendered Buckingham Palace, complete with photorealistic Liz and Phil in union-jack slippers. And yet this is not a homegrown animation. The credits reveal that most of the key personnel – headed by directors Vincent Kesteloot and Ben Stassen – are Belgian. Is there no one on this side of the North Sea who could digitise a few poop gags? Or would that leave the animators facing charges of treason?

Since Fly Me to the Moon (2008), Stassen’s Brussels-based nWave studio has generated cheap and cheerful product for harassed parents to make do with if the latest Pixar has sold out. The Queen’s Corgi script, by Gnomeo & Juliet scribes Rob Sprackling and Johnny Smith, affords this team a handful of goofy ideas to play with.

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Source: theguardian
The Queen’s Corgi review – palace pooch in the doghouse