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Paradise Flycatcher

Terpsiphone paradisi

A graceful looking flycatcher, the adult male sport a long
ribbon-like tail. The males occur in two color morphs cinnamon
(below) and white (above). Both color morphs sport a glossy black
head with blue ring around the eye, but white morph is entirely
white below while the cinnamon morph has cinnamon upper-parts and
tail, and dirty white underparts (lol). The females are cinnamon
above with a grayish throat, a shorter tail, and they lack the
male’s blue eye-ring. They make short aerial sallies after
insects, usually returning to the same perch. Occasionally descends
to ground to pull apart insects. Chiefly found in wooded habitats.
Their call is a harsh “shreew.” Photo below: ©Ravi

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trashzy: Indian Paradise Flycatcher INDIAN