Unflattering Dog Challenges Are Exactly What The World Needs

Unflattering dogs

Scrolling through social media can feel exhausting these days.
There’s so much going on in the world and so many people arguing
about nearly everything. So, that’s why many dog lovers turn to
adorable dog photos to escape the craziness of the world. But
during difficult times like these, not just any dog photo will do.
Thankfully, people around the world have started up the perfect
social media craze: The Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge! Instead
of sharing photos of your dog in a perfect pose, choose the photos
that didn’t make the cut. The funnier your dog looks, the

It’s unclear where this challenge came from, but it has
quickly taken over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Out of
nowhere, hilarious dog photos blessed people’s news feeds. Many
people are continuing to share the silliest dog photos they can
find, and it’s impossible not to smile. Here are some of the

#1 – This is one unusual smile. Unflattering Great DaneImage:

#2 – This dog seems to be
playing fetch wrong.
Unflattering Frisbee DogImage: @mamasanity/Instagram#3
– A look of pure horror.
Traumatized dogImage: @fluffypiqasso/Instagram#4
– He looks like he’s up to something.
Unflattering black labImage:

Tayler DeLisle Facebook
#5 – She might’ve partied a
little too hard.
unflattering birthday dogImage:

#6 – Help! This dog is falling
Dog falling apartImage:
Samuel G. Goodmand Facebook
#7 – Say cheese!
Unflattering HuskyImage:
#8 – This dog knows how
stressful work can be.
Stressed dog at workImage: @fizzyjaws/TwitterRELATED:
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– At least this pup is trying to pose nicely.

Unflattering Chihuahua smileImage:
– This dog might’ve had a few too many treats.

Unflattering dog stareImage:
– Do you think this dog will grow into it?
Unflattering dog outfitImage:

Angie Aitkenhead Facebook
#12 – Dogs fall asleep in
the weirdest positions!
Unflattering sleeping dogImage:

Clare Siddaway Facebook
#13 – She might look like a
princess, but she doesn’t seem to act like it.

Angry dog on waterImage:
Stacy Cole Stephenson Facebook
#14 – Be careful not to
catch this dog in a bad mood!
Unflattering dog yellingImage:
– These two look like nothing but trouble.
dogs in troubleImage:
Savannah Paasch Facebook
#16 – This little dog just
isn’t feeling it today.
Unflattered ChihuahuaImage:

Harriet Line Facebook
#17 – He seems to be getting
sick of playing fetch.
Unflattering Boston TerrierImage:
– Is he screaming out of joy or fear?
Little dog screamingImage:
Katie LeClerc Facebook

Are you looking to get in on the fun? Look for the most
unflattering photo of your dog and share it on social media with
#unflatteringdogphotochallenge. Remember, the weirder the photo is,
the better!

You can also check out more hilarious photos by using
#unflatteringdogphotochallenge. Let’s help make this year look a
little brighter with silly dog photos.


Featured Image:
Harriet Line Facebook

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Unflattering Dog Challenges Are Exactly What The World Needs

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Unflattering Dog Challenges Are Exactly What The World